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Valur: What, Why, How, and More

Simply put, Valur takes the tax mitigation and asset protection tools of the ultra-rich and makes them accessible to everyone.

What is Valur?

With a tax code that is thousands of pages long and growing at a rate of 130,000+ words a year, the United States has the most complex tax system in the world. That complexity is detrimental to most Americans (because it makes it hard for them to get the most out of the tax code) and beneficial for people who have the money to hire full-time tax professionals.  Valur is striving to fix this imbalance.

We believe that the tools necessary to grow your assets more efficiently should be simple, inexpensive, and available to everyone. That is why we are using technology to streamline the solutions used by the top 0.01% and to make these solutions affordable for a much larger group of Americans. With Valur, you no longer need millions of dollars and a private family office to take advantage of things like trusts in tax free states.

Why Should You Hire Valur?

So you can minimize your tax burden and efficiently grow your wealth.

How does Valur Work?

Valur has many products available and we’re adding more all the time. The common thread amongst our current products is that they make use of trusts in South Dakota. These South Dakota trusts allow our clients to: (a) mitigate their tax burdens; and, (b) add a layer of protection to their assets. The specific product that is right for you will depend on many factors, including your geographical location and your financial goals. Please contact us at help@valur.io to learn more and/or see the example below to get an idea of what Valur can do.

What is the catch?

Many people hear about Valur and think, “that sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?” 

Our high-level response to that question is that those people have a point; there is no such thing as a free lunch, and you often have to give something up in order to get something in return. However, Valur is here to help you make sure that what you get in return will be more valuable than what you have to give up.

Our specific answer to that question is: it depends. What you have to give up varies based on what state you reside in and what you are trying to accomplish, so there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer. Some people may be able to create a trust in South Dakota without giving up anything other than a small fee for the trust creation. Some people may need to give up direct control of certain assets (while retaining a sufficient amount of “indirect control” to feel comfortable). Others may need to ask a family member to provide a small amount of capital to fund the trust initially. It really depends on the specifics of your situation.

Next Steps

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About Valur

We have built a platform to give everyone access to the tax planning tools of the ultra-rich like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder), Phil Knight (Nike founder) and others. Valur makes it simple and seamless for our customers to utilize the tax advantaged structures that are otherwise expensive and inaccessible to build their wealth more efficiently. From picking the best strategy to taking care of all the setup and ongoing overhead, we make take care of it and make it easy.