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Fiduciary Deed Definition

What is a Fiduciary Deed?

A fiduciary deed is a legal document that creates a fiduciary relationship between two parties. In other words, it establishes trust between the two individuals involved. People who set it can use this type of deed for many purposes, such as transferring assets or ensuring the achievement of someone’s financial wishes after they die. If you need to create a fiduciary relationship with someone, you should consider using a fiduciary deed.

The term “fiduciary” refers to someone entrusted with another person’s property or affairs. This relationship is one of trust, and the fiduciary must act in the best interests of the person they represent. A fiduciary deed can work to establish this type of relationship between two people.

Therefore, when two people want to trust each other, they use this document to make it official. It sets up a relationship where one person has to help the other out and look out for their best interests.

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